Experience Services at Host is about finding the right people to care for workplaces and communities then training them to efficiently complete tasks and treat every person with empathy, understanding and care.



Executives say companies excel at providing a great employee experience.


Executives say providing a great employee experience is vitally important.

Our Values

Welcome Warmly

Start everyone’s day with simple gestures and personal experiences that affirm a natural sense of belonging, elevate the workday and resonate long after departure.

Nail the Basics

Remove friction so visitors and residents can focus on their work without having to think about the tools they need to excel. Every space and person should be organized and prepared in advance – every service delivered with intention for maximum comfort.

Anticipate Unspoken Needs

Empower individuals to do their best work by making every day seamless: identify and address needs quietly and with great care, before they surface.

Activate Culture and Community

Bring the space to life by reinforcing culture in ways that forge connections between individuals and with the organization. Inspire the community to come together organically.

Deliver Unexpected Delight

Create moments of delight and care through memorable, anticipatory gestures and personalized human interactions.

Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary

Share moments that matter by creating authentic, recurring experiences that resonate in such a way that the community looks forward to their next visit.

Host Training

Host's inclusive training is centered on two-way conversations that result in better retention and a deeper engagement with the subject.

Let's Host

<div class="stats"><div><span>96%</span><span>Learners who were completely satisfied with training</span></div><div><span>92%</span><span>Learners would recommend Let's Host training to a colleague</span></div></div> <br />As a leader in hospitality, we take the best practices of the industry and apply them to the workplace experience to create a new type of experience centered on service and human connection. From greeting the guest, to guiding them through the workplace, we train our Hosts to deliver elevated and unexpected service with our Let’s Host training program. This is a one-day immersive training course focused on soft skills, team-building, and data-gathering the Host way.

Let's Grow

<span>Workplace care starts with Host and collaboration makes it possible.</span><br />When teams collaborate effectively, the entire workplace is more productive. To help the Host teams provide a consistent world-class experience at every touchpoint, we offer our team-building course on a recurring basis (established between Host and our clients). Let’s Grow uses social learning techniques to build empathy, open up lines of communication, encourage feedback and reinforce the Host Values.

Let's Coach

<span>Building sustainable teams requires leadership through empathy and communication.</span><br />All too often in the workplace, leaders are experts in their fields, but don’t naturally have the skills required to lead people with empathy and understanding. To better equip our leaders with these tools for success, Host puts all team leaders through a program called Let’s Coach. By teaching how to show care in authentic ways and by bringing those practices into the training process, we develop talent that is engaged and passionate over the long-term. As a hospitality brand, we hire people who are attracted to this kind of work and view our emphasis on care as a job perk.

Host Digital

Host is here to help you develop amazing work environments with valuable resources and amenities around every corner. Learn more about our digital products and spark the connection between people and place.